Foshan Yun yi digital solution

2023-10-26 17:36

Foshan Yun Yi has been in ceramic digital printer spare parts industry for more than 15 years for providing ceramic digital printer spare parts which have earned a reputation for providing cost effective products and technical support. Our extensive range of products includes:

Ceramic inkjet printer printhead

Xaar GS6/GS12/GS40, Dimatix SG1024, Seiko RC1536

Ceramic inkjet printer electronic boards

EFI HPC driver para Seiko, HOPE Starfire1024card, HPC3 XP55500036, Hope and TECNOFERRARI Xaar 1003, Hope XAAR 1002/1003CARD, Kingtau seiko 1536 card,

Meijia Starfire printhead card, Meija Xaar PH main board, NKTXaar 1002 CARD,

Meijia xaar 1001/1002/1003 card, SYSTEM CARRIER CARD,

System DSP1.0/2.0/2.5, System impulse card.

Ceramic inkjet printer pumps

Fluid-o-tech, Original GOTEC EMX 08-TKD DLC Circulating pump, KNF PML9250-NFB60 Tenoferrari Inkjet pump, Original KNFN815KTDC   Exhaust pump, SYSTEM KNF POMPAPL8514 NF60, System KNF Vacuum pump PM26301-NMP850.1.2, EFI CRETAPRINT MICROPUMPGolden gear pump, Micropump sliver gear pump, SYSTEM/KEDA MICROPUMP L28947Circulating pump, System/efi   Micropumpgear pump, EFI   PML11652-NF30, EFIPML7614-NF60, SYSTEM lwaki Direct Dirve Pump, Meijia KNF PML12375-NF60, KerajetWELCO WP10-P3, Mejia KNF PML12376-NF 60 0.6L, Hope KNF PL12622-NFB60 1.2L, HopeKNF PML12367-NF60, THOMAS 5313F 24VBLDC, EFI KNF PML12622-NFB60, NKT HOMAS5232F 24VBLDC, KNF PML-9357-NF60, BT KNF-PML1390 NF60, KNF Meijia PML11012-FPD06, Hope air pump H1179 DC24Vpump.

Ceramic inkjet printer filter

Tenoferrari Filter 6700PL0310, Tecnoferrari Disk filter 6700PL0550, SYSTEM 90018642DIC EF-G6-B22 Liqui-Cel ink filter, System EF-G5-B15 DIC, System USA-3M-G638W-2X6-Liqui-Cel,Kingtau filter, Hope filter, Meijia filter, NKT filter, Kerajet ROKI TECHNO5.0um, Saint PureFLO Capsule EFI degasser, EFI CRETAPRINT SYETEM ink filter10um 20um, PALL filter, Durst filter, Cobetter filter, butterfly filter

Other inkjet printer spare parts

Printhead clean tissue/fiber free cloth, Tygon tube, connector, gloves, clean sponge etc.

Repair Service

Printhead cleaning and repair service

Electronic cards repair service


Printhead cleaning machine

Printhead test machine

Our products cover the printer of EFI cretaprint, Hope, Meijia, New King time,Kingtau printers, Sacmi Intesa, Durst, Kerajet, BT projecta.